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  • What are the steps to get a sample tested?

    Complete a service request form, found here

    Once completed, a copy of the request form will be sent via email; check the SPAM/junk folder if it cannot be found

    Package up the sample(s); specific volume requirements are listed in the catalogue 

    Label samples “for analysis only, not for human consumption”

    Use appropriate packaging materials, such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts, to minimize the risk of samples breaking

    Include a copy of the request form in the box, if possible

    Ship samples to the appropriate location using any carrier (FedEx or UPS recommended)

    Specific location addresses can be found here (at the bottom of the page)

    Do NOT ship for Early AM delivery

    Once samples and a service request form have been received by BDAS, they will be placed in the queue

    Typically, BDAS will not make contact when samples are received

    Check tracking to see if the package has been delivered before calling

    For the majority of  in-house tests, standard turnaround is 7-10 business days and priority turnaround is 2 business days. Turnaround for outsourced testing is 10-15 business days. See the catalogue for specific details.

  • What is the standard turnaround time?

    Standard turnaround is 7-10 business days for in-house testing and 10-15 business days for outsourced testing.

  • What testing can be rushed?

    Only in-house testing can be rushed. Analyses like nutritional testing (protein, carbs, sodium, fats, fiber), metals and minerals, and gluten CANNOT be rushed, and are subjected to our standard 10-15 business day turnaround time. However, it may be possible to provide partial results at rush turnaround; speak with BDAS for more information on this.

  • What are the rush fees?

    Rush requests for in-house tests are 1.5x standard cost and turned around in 2 business days. Rush service is not available for outsourced testing. Re-issued reports, if requested on a rush basis, will also be subject to rush fees.

  • What are the consulting and retainer fees?

    Hourly rates start at $160. Travel, reasonable accommodation expenses, and certain meals are also paid by the client. For expensive projects/legal work, a retainer fee may be required.

  • Is a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement required?

    BDAS, LLC does not require any NDA or confidentiality agreements before testing. Any information, such as formulations, results, or company information, is kept in strictest confidentiality. BDAS can provide or sign confidentiality agreements, if requested by the client. Legal cases will require a retainer fee and this will be outlined in any agreement documents.

  • Is a sample submission form required?

    Yes! A sample submission form must accompany all samples before testing can begin. There are no exceptions. Ensure samples are listed exactly as you wish them to be named on the reports, with batch codes if needed. In event of an error 404 on the online form, please email to receive a PDF copy.

  • How are reports issued?

    Reports are issued electronically via PDF. These are attached to the emailed invoice unless otherwise requested. Up to three e-mail addresses can be specified for invoices and reports, and these can be listed on the Service Request Form. If hard copies of reports are needed, please indicate on the Service Request Form. Copies can mailed at standard or rush rates. Rush mailing may carry extra costs to offset expenses.

  • Can additional or notarized reports be provided?

    Multiple signed copies of reports are available for $25.00/additional copy*. Reissued reports (for reasons beyond the fault of BDAS) will also be charged at $25.00 each.

    Note: BDAS can only reissue reports for samples that have been analyzed in the past 6 months. Any report can be notarized upon request.

  • What are the payment terms?

    BDAS, LLC accepts credit card payments or checks. Each invoice carries a unique link enabling online payments after service. First time clients requesting services valued at more than $1000 are required to prepay half (50%) on their first order request subject to credit approval. [Check or prepay link options available.] Terms are Net 15 days from the receipt of the results and invoice. Late fees accrue after 15 days. Failed payments may lead to suspension of further services until resolved. It is important to indicate billing contact/address details on the sample submission form provided with the samples to ensure timely delivery of  invoices for payment within the net term period.