Beer consists of four main ingredients: grain, hops, yeast, and water. But for beers to be produced, packaged, delivered, and enjoyed as intended, quality control is the secret ingredient. The world of beer has been rapidly changing, and it’s critical to have the right test and inspection procedures in place to meet consumer demands.

The brewing industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, and the world’s beer market has never been more diverse. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.  Due to the variety of beer styles and brewing complexity, quality management has become a critical differentiator. The need for accurate, actionable information is essential to maintain quality, especially as consumers focus on the sensory properties of their chosen beer. Sensory evaluation is not an easy task and involves flexible methods for determination of differences and changes between beers. Our team of trained sensory panelists, which includes multiple BJCP certified and active GABF judges, can help you better understand the nature of the flavors that appear in your products, both intended and accidental. 

BDAS is a long-standing member of many key industry groups which were created to bring technical uniformity to the brewing industry using chemistry, microbiology, and analytical control methods. These include the American Society of Brewing Chemists, the Brewer’s Association, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, and the American Craft Spirits Association, among others. Wanting to see more educational information made available to distillers, Gary has even started a similar organization in the Society of Distilling Scientists and Technologists. Our active participation in these groups is part of our commitment to help educate producers on techniques they can take back to their breweries to make the highest quality products in the market. Below you will find logos and links to these wonderful, industry resources!

Quality control is essential to understanding how your beer will behave over time, allowing you to refine your technique and improve consistency. Quality control tests offered at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS) on beer that is in production or in packaged product include alcohol, color, pH, density, VDKs, IBUS, Free Amino Nitrogen, Sulfur Dioxide, protein, sugars, and many more! We utilize industry accepted methods to deliver both qualitative and quantitative results that you can confidently utilize to meet regulatory requirements, make process improvements, and validate internal testing. Our highly qualified team of technicians and specialists place our testing laboratory among the best in the region. With facilities in Lexington, Kentucky, and Denver, Colorado, the data you need is just around the corner. 

For more information about our extensive beer quality control tests at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS), contact us in Lexington, Kentucky at (859) 278-2533 or in Denver, Colorado at (720) 450-7066.

Beer Quality Control TestsBeer Quality Control Tests

Beer Quality Control Tests