Alcohol Testing Lab


Keeping control of your product’s quality from start to finish means having a well-designed program backed with impeccable data. Through our full-service laboratory, Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS) provides quality assurance testing to help our clients ensure their beverage’s consistent quality serves as an asset. BDAS helps our clients with microbiology analysis, nutritional analysis, and various food chemistry analysis. BDAS is TTB certified to test wine, spirits, and beer.
Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS) is a full service contract laboratory offering a wide range of alcohol testing services to a diverse client base. Our expertise and years of experience as a testing lab enable us to select the correct analytical approaches and generate the accurate data needed for proper alcohol testing. Our BDAS lab capabilities enable us to analyze a wide variety of samples. We have a wide array of analytical testing instruments to investigate the critical questions or concerns you have about your product, whether for purity, quality, safety, or regulatory compliance. Through testing, BDAS provides answers to assist with product analysis, chemical identification, and composition analysis.
Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS) provides a wide range of alcohol testing services. Our innovative methodologies and delivery systems place our testing laboratory among the best in the industry. BDAS services are professional and confidential. Results from contracted lab services will never be shared with any unauthorized party.
Our range of services extend beyond beer and wine to also include distilled spirits, ciders, seltzers, ready to drink mixed beverages, kombucha, and non-alcohol beverages. BDAS tests and verifies samples from raw ingredients to final products, and every step along the way. Our labs utilize a wide range of instrumentation to cover a variety of different tests from alcohol content to metals analysis.

Our alcohol testing lab at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS) can answer all your questions. Alcoholic beverages contain a complex mix of compounds, uniquely characteristic of each beverage, which creates the individual aroma and flavor profile. Many compounds contribute to the aromas and flavors experienced by the consumer. With alcoholic beverages, various substances with different properties are responsible for aroma, flavor, and overall sensory and nutritional attributes.
At BDAS, we’re ready to answer all your questions about pretty much anything having to do with brewing and distilling. The variety of different alcoholic products on the market is boundless and growing though flavor innovation. What started with flavors from barrel aging spirits has matured into a wide range of blended spirit-based beverages. Our expertise isn’t limited to testing well understood styles, we’re passionate about the art and science associated with brewing and distilling and whether you’re trying to identify the source of an off flavor or even if you need help setting up the perfect process, we’re the scientists you can turn to.
For more information about our alcohol testing lab at Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services (BDAS), contact us in Lexington, Kentucky at (859) 278-2533 or in Denver, Colorado at (720) 450-7066.